A simple concept.


Lovebirds are not mind readers. Every one of us is unique in the way we think, feel and behave.  

The probability of finding someone that loves the way we do is 1:33,000,000. The odds of your other half doing or seeing things in the way you would do it or see it is SLIM. 

Learning each other’s strengths will create the “AHA!” moments on “So that’s why you are like that!”


Have you ever tried changing your other half’s behaviour only to be disappointed?  

The truth is this: People do not change easily. They resist when others try to change them.  

Change doesn’t happen because of change itself. Change happens when there is awareness and acceptance of each other’s uniqueness.


Living our strengths is to be confidently strong and courageously vulnerable. 

It is to help each other get stronger. 

It enables us to love in a way that is relevant, appreciated and treasured by our other half.

♥︎An Online Experience for Couples♥︎

Anticipate rich discussions, candid sharing of experiences and
a fun-filled time of laughter and learning. 

Our past participants walked away knowing how to love their partner better, learnt about what causes that spark in their partner to come alive, and what drives each other’s unique quirks.

Come recapture that love, joy and glow in your relationship. We promise that you won't regret it. 

How Strengths Can Improve Your Relationship?

Daniel and Joy, former participants of our workshop,
share how Strengths has helped them improve their relationship


A compelling online experience on greater intimacy through strengths engagement

An online world class facilitated experience

Acquire know-how on how to better love and understand your partner

A free CliftonStrengths (Strengthsfinder) code

Lots of love… and then more


Workshop Speaker

The workshop will be facilitated by Lim Kim Pong, founder and CEO of StrengthsAsia and the creator of the REFRAME MasterClass.

The Gallup Organization in Singapore recognises Kim Pong as among Asia’s most accomplished practitioners of Strengths-based development and talent management strategies. He is also Gallup Asia’s first Platinum Certified Strengths Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.

Kim Pong has conducted the "Love Is Not Blind" program with many couples in Asia. Through the program, he is passionate about helping many couples build stronger relationships, greater commitment and deeper intimacy through knowing, cherishing and flourishing the uniqueness of one another.

Kim Pong is a Singapore boy, husband, father of 2 boys and 2 girls, banker-turned-entrepreneur, an accidental pastor, and a lover of Slayer espressos.

Workshop Co-Facilitators

Daniel and Joy are a dynamic duo whose passion for life is infectious. They are on a mission to help people grow in their potential and become unstoppable in their purpose. To them, family is the most important social institution. They have been investing into married couples and young parents.

Daniel and Joy are NLP Practitioners. They are currently pursuing their NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching certification. Daniel is also a Deputy Registrar of Marriages in Singapore and Gallup-certified Strengths Coach. Joy is a MSF-approved foster parent. She is also a founding member of Home for Good Singapore - a support network of family-based caregivers for vulnerable children.

Married for 19 years, Daniel and Joy are proud parents of 6 amazing children.