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The ultimate workshop that helps you to be skilful in the way you communicate

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Power of SoundWave

How we communicate impacts how others think, feel, and behave - whether positively or negatively. When we have great conversations, it's productive, we feel connected with others and we build positive relationships. In contrast, poor conversations lead to misunderstanding, confusion, and frustration.

Imagine all the great conversations we can have when we have the power to change and control the way we communicate with others. - and it all starts by understanding the way we talk.

For most of us, the way we talk is habitual. But that habit need not dictate that we are fixed and unchanging in the way we communicate. Instead, how we talk can both be fluid and transforming.

Start having great conversations now!

"most of us don’t listen to understand. 
We listen to reply."

- Steven Covey

Discover your unique communication style.

The SoundWave Brilliance 3 Workshop is an online experience that aims to help you discover and understand your unique communication style and how it impacts and influences the people around you. During the half-day session, you will get tips, tools, and handles on how you can start to customize your communication style and own your conversation.

The ability to communicate well enables you to save time, reduce conflict, and frustrations in both your personal and professional life and gives you the confidence to better connect with others.

Attend our interactive virtual workshop and you will experience the following:

  • Discover your personal, preferred communication style;
  • Learn tools and techniques on how you can improve your communication skills;
  • Gain insights on the strengths, accentuations, passiveness and the risk of your voices;
  • Discover how you customize your communication style for greater clarity, understanding, and impact.

Date: Saturday, 26 September 2020
Time: 9.00 am to 12.30 pm
Where: Zoom
SGD$300 SGD$150 (includes the SoundWave Brilliance 3 Assessment)

Attend the Brilliance 3 Online Workshop

Lim Kim Pong

The workshop will be facilitated by Lim Kim Pong, Founder, and CEO of StrengthsAsia.  

Kim Pong is the CEO and Founder of StrengthsAsia, leading strengths-based coaching and training platform in Asia, that helps organizations create cultures of engagement, performance, and impact.

Kim Pong is an Accredited SoundWave Coach Practitioner and a member of the SoundWave Academy.

The Gallup Organization recognizes Kim Pong is among Asia’s most accomplished practitioners of StrengthsFinder, strengths-based development, and talent management strategies. 

Kim Pong is a Co-Founder of the Transformational Business Network Asia, a global not-for-profit organization and a collaborative platform that equips, empowers, and helps explore businesses with social impact to alleviate poverty in Asia. 

He is the creator of the “REFRAME – Design Your Best Life” program that helps high achievers get clarity and reframe their success into significance, meaning, and purpose. 

Kim Pong is also a Lego® Serious Play facilitator and an active global resource to the Halftime Institute as a Halftime Certified Master Coach.  

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