The Power of Communication Workshop


The ability to communicate effectively is key to your success. 

The Power of Communication workshop is a One Day programme that will enable you to increase your ability to engage and connect with people for greater influence and impact.

During this session, learn how you can use SoundWave to have more meaningful conversations; manage and reduce unintended misunderstanding and conflicts to drive purpose with your talk.

Walk away from the workshop with:

  • Discovering the Brilliance of your voices - your unique communication style
  • Tips, tools, and handles on how you can customize your communication style and create verbal strategies for different scenarios
  • The ability to incorporate techniques and skills into your communication for more purposeful conversations and productive outcomes

"Talk" is the most repeated and present behaviour of people. At work, it demands that we are effective at it, especially where our roles involve a level of responsibility. Yet often, these demands seem to be met imperfectly.

SoundWave seeks to change this and transform the way we talk. Our social assessment provides data-driven insights and development expertise in how you talk, listen and are being heard and perceived by others.

Our research shows how your preferred communication style impacts and influences people around you in enabling or limiting their performance. You too can improve your agility and engagement scores simply by targeting your talk towards actionable outcomes.

The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

What Our Participants love about this workshop

"Kim Pong is very encouraging and the sessions are interactive and dynamic, Kim Pong pauses to answer any questions. We break out into different break-out rooms each time so we interact with different people. The handout PDFs are very comprehensive."

"Everybody communicates. Everybody can and should communicate better. But we are mostly unaware of how we communicate with others. This workshop gets us started on reflecting and practicing our verbal strategies, so our relationships can improve."

"With the Soundwave techniques, I feel recharged to build relationships, culture, and my leadership skills!

Thank you Kim Pong!"

"This workshop helps you to improve the quality and effectiveness of your conversation with people. It makes you learn more about yourself and be more aware of your communication style and patterns."

Outline of The Power of Communication Workshop


Introduction to “Our Talk Impact How Others Think, Feel And Behave”

The program leader provides a topical introduction to the workshop, preparing the participants for the highly interactive nature of the program.  The leader explains that participants will discover practical approaches and tools to assist them to understand appreciate and apply their innate talents into their daily lives and work.          


An overview of how talk impact and influence others

How we think - reflective, defensive

How we feel - connected, overwhelmed

How we behave - alert and relaxed or tensed and bored


The Brilliance of Your Voice

Discover and Learn about your Top 3 voices, it's impact, accentuations and risks.


The Nine Voices

Discover the traits and characteristics of all the nine voices. Learn how and when to use the different voices for maximum impact and response from others.   


The Accentuation and Passiveness of Our Voices

Learn and resonate the impact of accentuating your voice and leaving it passive.  Learn to use your voice with intentionality, focus and purpose in your role as a leader, manager or team member.


Role Play and Practice

Try on all 9 voices under different scenarios.  Take them all for a test drive!  Participants will understand each other and come together when they are able to recognise the purpose of talk and when they have the ability to own the conversations with people around them.


The Power of Communication Workshop (In Person -Singapore only)

Date: Saturday, 18 June 2022
9am to 5.00pm
(To be confirmed)

Early Bird: SGD$400 (before 18 May 2022)

(includes the SoundWave Brilliance 3 Assessment)

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The Power of Communication Workshop (Synchronous e-learning) Zoom online

Date: Friday & Saturday, 1 & 2 July 2022
9am to 12.30pm

Early Bird: SGD$350 (before 1 June 2022)

(includes the SoundWave Brilliance 3 Assessment)

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Meet Lim Kim Pong

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Kim Pong is the Creator of the REFRAME-Success is Action, CEO and Founder of StrengthsAsia, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, SoundWave Global Partner, Co-Founder of The Transformational Business Network, Asia, and a Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator. He has coached and facilitated extensively with various organizations across Asia.

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